Planning Services for commercial building projects

As with all building works, the owner of the property or land is ultimately responsible for complying with the relevant planning rules and building regulations. It is quite possible that planning permission may be needed and building regulation approval not, equally building regulation approval may be required and planning permission may not. The general advice is to always CHECK before STARTING any work.

Level 1: Design & planning application service, included for one application

  • Two face to face consultation with our architects including one on location (within 60 miles of Fernhurst) and one at Ascot Buildings
  • Design specification for client approval
  • Preparation of drawings at draft level in accordance with design specification, subsequent drawing amends electronically handled
  • Planning drawings
  • Block Plan 1:500, Location Plan 1:2500
  • Design & Access statement
  • Completion of electronic application forms
  • Telephone discussions with LA Case Officers

Not Included:

  • Application & discharge fees charged by local authorities
  • Building regulation approval
  • Boundary survey we rely on the accuracy of OS plans
  • Topographical, structural or tree surveys
  • Re-submission fees, chargeable subject to refusal details
  • Surveying existing buildings

Price Tariff
  • £625 +VAT Up to 75 sq.m
  • £995 +VAT Up to 150 sq.m
  • £1375 +VAT Up to 225 sq.m

Room above building fees are calculated on both floors

Click here for a commercial building example plan

Level 2: Full construction drawings & structural calculations with building control service, included for one application

  • Typical section drawings
  • Traditional strip foundation design
  • Design & prepare drawings for building control
  • Ensure all necessary Health & Safety compliance
  • Create service plan for new build (e.g. identify mains/light switches) provide additional information for quote purposes such as floor, wall and joinery finishes
  • Submit building control package to local authority for checking and approval

Items not included

  • Application & Discharge fees charged by local
  • Boundary survey we will rely on the accuracy of the OS plans
  • Topographical, structural, tree or any other professional survey requested by planning authority
  • Re-submission fees, chargeable subject to refusal details
  • Structural engineer calculations where required
  • Surveying existing buildings

Price Tariff

  • £1150 +VAT Up to 75 sq.m
  • £1375 +VAT Up to 150 sq.m
  • £1750 +VAT Up to 225 sq.m

Client Responsibilities for both Level 1 and Level 2 projects

  • Discharge of conditions
  • Undertake to commence work when full consent is granted and not before
  • Ensure chosen ground worker has access to approved plans and location before work commences
  • Follow suggested planning strategy for maximum chance of success
  • Full disclosure of information such of rights of way, past applications, previous advice for local authorities

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