Building Regulations

Many buildings are exempt from building regulations but if placed near a boundary it may prove a fire risk, should it be connected to a dwelling or over 30 sqm, COMPLIANCE will be required.

Buildings used by the public will also need to comply.

Ascot can recommend an approved inspector for your project for you to manage or handle on your behalf, fees are calculated on an individual basis, please ask our team for a quote

Building Notice

This is a written notice that you intend to carry out building work and plans are not necessarily required initially. It may be necessary to provide drawings and/or structural calculations later.

Building Notices are more suitable for minor residential alterations and/or extensions, and are not normally acceptable for work to commercial buildings or buildings to which the public have access, as the Fire Service is involved.

You can start work 48 hours after issuing the Building Notice. You must tell Building Control when the work is due to start in order to allow inspections.

Both Building Regulation approvals and Building Notices are valid for three years from the date of application.

Full Plans Application

Detailed drawings of the proposed work are submitted and checked to make sure the proposal meets regulations. If they do, they are approved.

Building control bodies ensure compliance with building regulations; Ascot can recommend an approved inspector for your project or take over the complete project for a nominal fee.

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