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"I have been recommending Ascot Buildings to my independent school clients for over 10 years. Not only is the quality of the materials exceptional, their build quality is of the highest possible standard - Bob Bailey, Baileys Grounds Management"
Classrooms & Offices

Timber Classrooms and Wooden Offices

Timber School Buildings are ideal for growing school estates as they are cost effective, practical and easily constructed.

Churcher’s College in Petersfield have made use of several purpose built units, Cadet Force kit store, and more recently equipment and mess room facility for ground staff.

Ideal for extra class room space as used by Belmont School in Surrey and a fabulous outdoor teaching facility in Berkswell Church of England School in Warwickshire.

We have a range of testimonials and addtional pictures of schools projects- call us for more details; we will be happy to detail a selection of past and current projects and provide references where required.

Our portfolio boasts a great selection of high quality and professional timber offices. A timber office is a fantastic addition to your home or place of work providing not only an attractive office but it also portrays a shophisticated corporate image.

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  • Ideal for:
  • Timber Classrooms
  • Timber Groundsman's office and store
  • Uniform Shops
  • School Shops
  • Machinery & Equipment Stores
  • Bus Shelter
  • Changing Rooms & Pavilions
  • Playground Gazebos & Shelters
  • Classrooms
  • Timber Offices

Taunton Forest Classroom

Taunton Forest Classroom

A new octagonal classroom for science and nature studies. Read more