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Alex Holman – October Blog

October has been a very much quieter month for me, as I’ve now finished my eventing season for 2016, and my main horse, Alfie has had his well-deserved holiday. Now he is already starting to be ridden again in the build up to 2017, with lots of hacking, combined with some more strengthening work, which is really paying off as he feels great – let’s hope this continues! My other horse, Hope, is also enjoying being back in full work after her break and will start her winter BSJA outings shortly.

The end of the month did bring some very exciting news, however, as my new boss Dickon Reader and I moved to a stunning new yard! It was quite an operation to move all of the horses, tack, rugs and many other items needed, but we were lucky that it all went pretty smoothly. You only realise how much stuff you accumulate when you have to pack it all away, move it and then unpack it into new storage! Having worked for a couple of other event riders, I’ve had to move my horses several times myself, but that didn’t quite compare to moving a whole business with more horses involved.

For more pictures of the new yard, see Dickon’s Facebook page.

The horses (and us) have all settled in very quickly, so hopefully this will mean a good year ahead! Hope has had to move to a separate yard, as I can only have one horse with me at work, and Alfie is my main focus as we aim to move up to Young Rider level over the next 2 years. This will mean riding Hope in the dark every evening and juggling all of their many shared tack items between the 2 yards, but this is a relatively small sacrifice to make if it helps me to achieve my future goals and build up towards a career. I should also be starting to do my apprenticeship course soon, meaning I’ll start working towards gaining my HGV licence…pretty scary stuff.

Fingers crossed for more good news over November!