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Alex Holman March Blog

Well, what a busy month it’s been, so much so that I barely registered the end of the month at all! It’s great to be busy, but choosing this life leaves so little time for anything else – I’m writing this at 10pm having only just got in from my normal day and had dinner!

We’ve really been gearing up for the event season now, getting all of the horses out to lots of schooling and competitions in preparation for the first BE we’ll attend in April. All of Dickon’s young horses are coming on well now, racking up numerous promising clear rounds out SJ and multiple dressage wins and placings, so hopefully they’ll be just as good once we get them to some XC schooling and eventing too. Although it’s been very busy fitting all the horses in with tight times at various venues, it’s fascinating seeing each horse elop and to be able to see the improvements that come with each outing (especially with the jumping). The babies really are becoming much less babyish!

It’s seemed even more full-on over this past month, as I’ve used the majority of my days off to take Hope out SJ more times. Dickon’s given me a few lessons on her, as well as riding her a couple of times himself, which has really helped me nail a few issues we’ve been having, and she’s now going wonderfully. I’ve been trying hard to use more specific exercises to help with her jumping, and she got her first double clear at Newcomers (1.10m) BS and is feeling increasingly confident over the 1.15s too so it seems to be coming together. Hopefully she’ll be getting a dressage saddle from my wonderful sponsors ‘G&T Saddles’ soon, so that I can perfect the flatwork even more and get out to some dressage… Watch this space!

To add to our busy schedule, I’ve also had my first 2 training days with WTTL as part of my HGV Apprenticeship. WTTL’s base is down in Devizes, a 2 hour drive away, but it’s been worth the trips so far as we’ve done up to a walk around lorry check and it’s been pretty interesting. I was totally clueless about lorries prior to the course, so everything needs to be learned. Next up for this: lorry theory test!

As well as the horses I’ve also been trying to be healthier and get even more in shape for the event season, so have started a few workouts and running before/after work most days. This has meant my day starts at 5:30am and I’m usually home around 9:00pm every day, as I have to manage this, Hope on DIY livery and work – now I know all about the phrase ‘not enough hours in the day’!

Here’s hoping the hard work keeps paying off and we all have a successful start to the eventing season… Everything crossed!